Custom Cabinets Mass Produced

The best homes are rarely mass produced. Homeowners want distinct dwellings that are made to specification and not common. But the enemy of the uncommon is not mass production or efficiency. It is the template, the cookie-cutter, the stereotypical form. Parametric modelling can overcome the template, while still providing efficient production.

Following is a 2009 update to Cabinetmaker FDM’s article by editor Karl D. Forth, about ShopBot CNC Tools in use at Wood-Mode. The article speaks to the benefits to large-scale operations of incorporating smaller CNC routers in cell-based operations. Since its original publication, Wood-Mode has grown its stable of ShopBot Tools to 16 tools. We’ve …Continue reading >>> ShopBot Tools in large-scale manufacturing: Wood-Mode

Source: ShopBot Tools in large-scale manufacturing: Wood-Mode – ShopBot Blog

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