“This message wasn’t sent”

“This message wasn’t sent” –Skype developers best attempt at an error message

No, “retry”. No explanation. It didn’t work, and with all their expertise with building the application the most they can actually tell you is it didn’t work.

In the realm of error reporting it should be common knowledge by now that the phrase “it didn’t work” doesn’t work.

If you are helping someone troubleshoot a router and you so to restart it and check and they say, “nope”, you will probably say “nope what?”. If they then say, “It didn’t work” you will probably feel that they are being obstenant. You will wonder what didn’t work. The router didn’t restart? It is doing the exact same thing it did before? It is doing something else but they are still not reaching the website they are trying to get to?

Complex systems fail in interesting ways so the phrase “it didn’t work” or “the message wasn’t sent” is almost a almost a strained attempt to provide the absolute minimum information as possible. If you were trying to not solve the problem it would be a good tactic.



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